A Tale Of Two Americas was recorded in four late-night sessions at Mark Dann Recording in New York and Woodstock with Rod's voice and guitar and harmonica, Mark Dann's bass, and Steve Eriksson's guitar and mandolin (Steve is lead guitarist on Recognition and tour guitarist in Europe).

Song Titles: Ray & Ron, Terror , Missing, The Governator, My Beloved Enemy. Smoke, Treat You Right, I'm Your Dad, The Lucky Ones, Don't Let Your Dim Light Die, Sacrifice, Peace, Here I Stand, True Love, A Tale of Two Americas, Love Is The Common Ground, I Am Bob Dylan, With God On Our Side

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Liner Notes are as follows:

"Even though there are different traditions, religions, and customs in the world, we should not fight with each other, or make war with each other, but care for each other. I hope that in the future that everyone will share, the same love, peace and care"........Sara Dann, age 10.

The new cd has been reviewed by Folkwax, Celtic & Folk Music, and the Palm Beach Post, among others. Arthur Wood wrote in Folkwax: "A new Rod MacDonald recording is always an event to anticipate and savour, since you know that his lyrics will challenge your perceptions regarding recent historic occurrences, even shared events in ones everyday life, and he consistently brings clarity to those issues." Kevin McCarthy's review in Celtic says "MacDonald has proven again here that he is a master at musically portraying the difficult issues facing this country and the world. " The Post's Bill Meredith called it an "18-track, 72-minute history lesson." To read the full reviews, click here.

A Tale Of Two Americas